Friday, August 25, 2006


This page is an archive of my own 5:4 creations -

Five : Four is a fun challenge that 3 of my friends and I created & particapate in. Here is an explaination from the Five : Four site -
Five main ingredients, Four chefs -
Bringing delicious meals from our minds to your kitchen, we are fourchefs who have conspired together on a project dubbed as 5:4.Providing four different recipes for everyday fare, it's here to encourage a venture in new foods and tastes using the simplest of ingredients.
5:4 Rules.
1. We choose five random ingredients.
2. Leavening, oil, salt, and pepper are freebies.

3. Two additional ingredients are chosen per individual, and a third optional herb or spice.
4.Foods involved must be easily accessible and relatively economical.
*Photos, recipes and comments will be posted by each chef.

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